Sunday, May 23, 2010

All Free Download Google Software

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Do you enjoy free software programs? Are you aware that Google offers many free software programs to download? Below is a list of the many free programs Google offers to download free.

Have you heard of the Spyware Doctor? The Spyware Doctor lets you scan your computer to check for threats. Click Here to learn more. Also provides real-time spyware protection while your surfing the web.

Google Earth: Allows you to combine satellite images and maps. Get driving directions, find maps and more using the Google's 3D Earth Browser. Take virtual global tours using its satellite imagery.

Enjoy uploading pictures to share via the Internet? Google Picasa lets you easily edit and fix your digital picture. Organize, locate and share your pictures on your PC.

Turn your photos into a screensaver to view and enjoy everyday. Google Photos Screensaver assists you to turn your personal photos into a screensaver and more.

Use the power of Google to quickly search for files on your computer. You can easily install Google's Desktop on the Windows Sidebar or Windows Taskbar. Google has a powerful search technology to enhance your Internet experience.

Google Toolbar: The Google Toolbar sits right below the Internet Explorer's address bar for you to have easy access to the Google Search Engine. Instant access at all time. Another great feature the Google Toolbar offers is it blocks intrusive annoying popups too.

Google Talk: Use Google Talk via IM or free voice calls. Make PC-to-PC voice calls, receive and send voicemail, transfer files safely, chat and email.

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